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Tyrone Hodges Jr.

Board Committee

A luminary hailing from the vibrant city of New Orleans, Louisiana, emerged as a sterling figure in the illustrious Salt & Pepper Gang. His journey began in the enclaves of Harvey, nestled on the coveted "Westbank" of the city. Displaying an innate prowess in the world of sports, Mr. Hodges secured a prestigious full athletic scholarship, channeling his passion for basketball into a compelling narrative of success at the distinguished Florida Institute of Technology.

Eminently adorned with a Bachelor of Science in Management from Florida Tech, Mr. Hodges exhibits a multifaceted intellectual acumen matched only by his tenacity in leadership. Over the course of an impressive 23-year voyage, he has unfailingly channeled his devotion to the realms of Leadership and Mentorship across esteemed corporations in both Louisiana and Texas. A visionary trailblazer, Mr. Hodges has, for the past decade, graced various pivotal roles within the venerated Republic Services. In the past triumvirate of years, he has donned the mantle of an Operations Manager, adroitly overseeing two prominent sites situated in the heart of North Houston.

In addition to his corporate ascendancy, Mr. Hodges stands as an enterprising proprietor, stewarding his own enterprise, "Hodges Helpers." A philanthropic enterprise of note, the entity manifests in the form of affordable housing initiatives, strategically situated in his cherished hometown of Harvey, Louisiana. Guided by the indelible wisdom imparted by his forebears, Mr. Hodges encapsulates two enduring dictums that continue to shape his narrative: "Embrace the rigors of arduous toil without trepidation" and "Exemplify leadership through unwavering action." It is this very ethos that Mr. Hodges ardently strives to entrench within the tapestry of the community he navigates—a bastion of admirable men and women.

His unequivocal commitment to nurturing the growth and transformation of those within his community echoes resoundingly, fostering an ambiance of development that extends beyond geographical confines. Testament to his indelible imprint, Mr. Hodges was fittingly acknowledged on several occasions. Notably, the venerable Who's Who in Black Houston bestowed public recognition upon him in 2013, mirroring his profound impact. Moreover, the Spirit of H-E-B Award and the Harvey Mabry Excellence in Management Award, both conferred upon him in 2012, serve as laurels to his exceptional managerial prowess. His accolades further span across time, encompassing the Cricket Leaps and Bounds distinction in 2008 and 2009, interwoven with a tapestry of community and corporate commendations that punctuate his illustrious trajectory.

A veritable maestro of life, Mr. Hodges gracefully orchestrates a harmonious symphony of devotion to his family. Inextricably linked for 19 flourishing years in the bond of marriage, he stands as an epitome of paternal pride, nurturing two burgeoning teenage boys who embody the legacy he diligently etches.

With admiration and gratitude,

Tyrone Hodges Jr.

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