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Terrance Wright

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A dynamic force hailing from the heart of Houston with roots reaching back to Kansas, stands as the epitome of resilience, service, and passion. As the middle child among eight siblings, his commitment to community, family, and service has been the guiding force throughout his life.

A proud Marine Corps veteran, Terrance's journey has taken him from the disciplined halls of military service to the vibrant streets of Houston, where he dons the hats of an actor, model, boxing conditioning coach, and philanthropist. Beyond his recognized roles in movies like "The Jealous Daughter" and "The Ring Widow," Terrance is actively involved in numerous film projects, with several exciting ones on the horizon.

In the realm of fitness, Terrance's influence is profound. A well-known trainer in Houston, he is driven by a passion for nurturing the success of others on their fitness journeys. His commitment goes beyond physical training – it's about empowering individuals to embrace a lifestyle of health and well-being.

Founder of URise Together Apparel and the URise Together Foundation, Terrance channels his energy into organizations that aim to elevate the community, inspire the youth, and normalize conversations surrounding culture and societal needs. Notably, he spearheads the Youth Trail Blazers Health and Wellness Academy, a biannual event held at Texas Southern University, focused on instilling a sense of well-being and empowerment in the younger generation.

Terrance is not just a health and wellness specialist; he's a catalyst for positive change. Offering non-invasive weight loss treatments and online coaching, he extends his expertise to those seeking transformation, both physically and mentally.

In every endeavor, Terrance Wright embodies the spirit of giving back, making a lasting impact in his community, and creating ripples of positive change. His journey, marked by diverse talents and a genuine desire to uplift those around him, continues to unfold with each new project and initiative.

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