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Rico Davis

Founder/Board Committee

Rico Davis is a multifaceted individual who excels as a community leader, trusted advisor, sports and entertainment promoter, and beloved sports commentator. He possesses a Bachelor's degree in Business Management and has successfully launched several businesses of his own. Notably, he has ventured into modeling, acting in movies and theater productions with prominent roles.

Rico's passion for sports, nurtured during his time as a committed former athlete, has led him to become an invaluable advisor to present-day top athletes. Moreover, he founded a sports apparel line named UBAL, which has garnered significant attention from renowned athletes across the country.

Rico, an accomplished author, has made significant contributions to literature with two influential books. His debut, '1st Round Draft Pick,' delves into the complexities of relationships, offering deep insights and resonating with a wide adult audience. His second book, 'SPG & Me,' shifts focus to a younger demographic, addressing the critical issue of bullying in a format accessible to children. Both works not only showcase his versatility as a writer but also reflect his commitment to addressing pertinent societal issues through his literature."

Determined to make a positive impact, Rico dedicates substantial time to recruiting, negotiating, motivational speaking, and actively participating in various charitable and civic organizations throughout the United States. His strong belief in the power of education to achieve success drives him to motivate others, regardless of age, to strive for greatness in their endeavors. Through his unwavering dedication, Rico has helped numerous individuals secure scholarships for higher education and assisted others in launching their own businesses.

However, despite his tireless efforts in the community, Rico faced unforeseen challenges due to radiation exposure. Nevertheless, he believes that fate has different plans for him. This led him to expand his reach and create a non-profit brotherhood group named Salt & Pepper Gang (SPG). The primary goal of SPG is to empower distinguished gentlemen with outstanding character to give back to the community through the "ReachOneTeachOne" philosophy.

SPG has achieved remarkable accomplishments, including launching programs like the "Tie & Belt Boys 2men" event, where young men are taught how to tie a tie and properly wear a belt. The "King 4A day" event allows SPG members to spend a day with a young man, treating him with respect and allowing him to wear a crown and cape. The group also dedicates time to visiting Senior Citizen Homes, spreading warmth and compassion to the elderly. Additionally, Rico established a notable panel discussion titled "What Women Want," providing a platform to express their perspectives across the United States.

SPG's efforts and profound impact were honored with a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award, a testament to our enduring commitment and significant contributions. This distinguished accolade, personally signed by President Joe Biden, not only acknowledges our past achievements but also encourages our ongoing dedication to making a meaningful difference in the communities we serve.

SPG's influence continues to expand, opening numerous doors and creating impactful opportunities. A recent highlight includes the privilege of speaking to the students at the historic Morehouse College, an engagement that further solidified our presence and mission. Following this, we took a significant step by adopting Martin Luther King Park in Montgomery County, reflecting our deep commitment to community and empowerment. The 'Salt & Pepper Gang'

Empowering our Youth' sign stands in the park as a testament to our belief that with dedication and effort, anything is possible.

Rico Davis and the Salt & Pepper Gang are now available for bookings, eager to share their invaluable insights and make a positive difference at your next event. In the words of Rico, "It's not where you are from; it's where you will end that matters."

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