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Glen Hall

Glen Hall has been a proud Houston native throughout most of his life. Following his dedicated four years of service in the Navy/Airman, he Self-Educated and transitioned into the Law Industry as a Civil Investigator.

Mr. Hall's collaboration with the esteemed Salt & Pepper Gang (SPG) has established a sturdy platform from which he tirelessly dedicates numerous hours to community service, outreach initiatives, and mentorship. Over the previous year, this alliance has empowered him to create positive transformations in lives, nurturing virtues of empathy, compassion, and kindness through his tangible efforts. Mr. Hall's involvement in the SPG organization has proven to be an impactful source of wisdom, emphasizing the profound importance of these core values.

Mr. Hall was awarded the President's Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joseph R Biden, Jr for their work in the community, awarded by Caryn Davis, the Recipient of the Beau Conversations Award, and awarded by Sheila Jackson Lee/House of Rep. The Congressional Recognition Award /Top 2023 Honoree Awarded.

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