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Anthony Meaux

Master Welder of over 30 years and owner of Meaux’s Custom Metal Fabrication. He studied his craft at Texas State Technical College. Mr. Meaux later gave back to Texas State Technical College through being a notable Welding instructor at both Texas State and Lonestar College in Texas. Meaux has trained and mentored many certified welders. Giving specialized attention to securing and protecting assets for both residential and commercial properties within various communities in Houston Texas.

As a member of the Salt & Pepper Gang Mr. Meaux has been awarded the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joseph R Biden, Jr for their work in the community. He has been recognized by Giving Leadership Opportunities To Women (G.L.O.W. Dallas). HOBBIES Mr. Meaux enjoys music, singing, dancing and fashion. He has a collection of over 300 hats, scarves and collection of watches. LIFE PHILOSOPHY Prayer, meditation and personal relationship with God is a must. Surround yourself with great energy, good vibes and “good” healthy food.

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